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Making Your Way Through the Real Estate Maze

Are you a first-time home buyer? Are you thinking about getting your first apartment or finally moving from that tiny studio to a new two bedroom apartment with the pool and workout center? Maybe you’re thinking about moving to a smaller place and renting your home, now that the kids are gone. Perhaps you are contemplating a condominium conversion.

I can help you. At the law offices of attorney Sheldon F. Margolis, in Jersey City, New Jersey, I practice only in the areas of real estate including home purchases, sales, re-financings, construction and conversion to condominiums. I will provide you with a customized loose-leaf notebook to lead you through the morass of agreements, other documents and decisions involved in your real estate transaction, so that you fully understand all options available to you. I will also refer you to lenders and insurance agents that I know and trust, so that you can obtain the financing that best meets your needs and protect your cherished new assets.

My primary goal is to make the purchase of your new home or the lease of your property as safe, simple and painless as possible. I am a sole practitioner and will personally attend to all of your needs and concerns. I will personally review all of your documents and personally answer all of your legal questions.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, moving into an apartment or contemplating leasing out some property that you own, you need a lawyer who will provide both personal and professional support coupled with calm and reasoned decision making. I have the ability and experience to handle all of your real estate law needs, from the review and preparation of contracts and other closing documents to the handling of disputes related to leases, evictions and regaining possession of leased property.

I offer my clients a free initial consultation, and in addition, evening and weekend appointments upon request. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation and learn about the options available to you.

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